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During the Bloc Sur climbing competition in Sevilla I met Agnieszka, from Poland. she was living in a smaller town and was sort of bored there. We traded contact info and thought about traveling sometime. Finally we figured out that we had both never been to Cordoba. She had also never Been hitchhiking and wanted to try. I had a friend of a friend living in Cordoba so we could make a cheap weekend trip.

In the morning we caught a city bus out towards the airport along the A-4. I knew from past trips that getting a car closer to the city was a real pain. It was chilly and 2 hours later we hadn’t moved much, maybe a few steps up or down the interstate, but no one was stopping.  As it usually happens, we said that  if we don’t get a ride in the next half hour we would walk to the airport and take a bus back to Sevilla and just then a car pulled over

agneshka hitch to cordoba kenny hitch to cordoba

Just before we got into the city the driver pulled off and headed into an industrial zone with lots of warehouses. The car came to a halt and the guy jumped out, half of me prepared to be jerked out of the car and drug into the warehouse but then the guy went around the car and opened the gate to where some dogs were being kept, started petting and hugging them, gave them some food and water, checked on his wood working shop and hopped back in the car. A few minutes later we made our way into the city and jumped out at an intersection by the Roman tomb on teh Paseo de la Victoria.


Of course you have to see La Mezquita if you are in Cordob, actually my main reason for going. IMG_0068 IMG_0100 IMG_0113 IMG_0116 IMG_0128 IMG_0134 IMG_0136

Cordoba is also known for it’s flowery patios and alley ways, though December isn’t the best time to come. IMG_0157 Kenny and Lynn in Cordoba