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My last year of elementary school we got new computers and they began construction of a new wing. The summer  after I finish my last year of middle school they remodeled the school. My Senior year of high school we had about half of our classes in portables while they remodeled the school. In College our student center was Torn down and replaced with a new Shiny building  and new technology; luckilly I got to take advantage for a year that time.

Now having spent almost two years in Sevilla, now that I am planning on continuing along to find new adventures, now that I have criticized Sevilla [and Spain in general’s] homogeneity, I find a bar off of Mendez Pelayo owned by Ecuadorians, that serves Aroz Chaufla and some other dishes and then today i’m taken to discover a whole Ethnic neighborhood where business owners flaunt their national flags on storefront signs where you can get tostones and such a simple thing as well made rice, they have so many delicious dishes that i think i will be back  once a week until my three month contract runs out.

If you’re burnt out on Spanish food and craving something good check out Bar Copacabana’s Ecuadorian and Bolivian dishes.

Bolivian restaurant Sevilla

They are located at Calle Verano no.3 41009 Sevilla

PH. 34 602 360 988


I was not compensated for writing this blog post. I simply love good, international food and want to share that joy with you.