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If you’ve read the about me, you know that i used to be a High School Spanish teacher back in the United States, where this week students and teachers have been on Spring break. Several fortunate students and teachers find themselves on tours and trips around the world being rushed around, scooped up and dropped of at their next destination with hardly a breath in between to process and enjoy what they are experiencing.

A friend of mine, who I will call, “Em”  from the school where I used to work found herself heading a group of about 6 students on a one week trip through Spain with EF Tours, an international company, perhaps the most recognized among the education field. their tour led them from Madrid to Toledo to Granada and then Sevilla, where I enter the picture.

They were to have a free night in Sevilla since they, smartly, opted not to pay 75 dollars for a flamenco show. They came into sevilla from their hotel in a nearby suburb of Sevilla with the group who did pay for the Fllamenco show. I went to meet them around the corner from my house, where the bus dropped them off and would be picking them up 3 hours from then.

It was cool to see my friend , Em, since it had been 3 years and her students were all very nice. one particular kid was a trip and made great conversation. another of her students mentioned that she was half Colombian and half Spanish, then something clicked when I looked at her face. I asked if she had an older sister. She did and it was who I thought it was; one of my former students.

One of the boys just wanted pizza from an american franchise pizza place but I wanted them to have somewhat of a more authentic experience so I walked them down to the Setas, which I knew they wouldn’t see and then took them to the Alameda de Hercules, where we got Pizza at one of my favorite places, Badulaque.

from there I thought it would be nice to walk them down past the Arco de la Macarena and past the old city wall even though we were slightly pressed for time. two of the more energetic students went ahead of the rest of the group to make sure someone was there are 9 so that they didn’t get left behind.

The two students got to the pickup point at 2 til 9 and they said that they could see a bus that looked like theirs off in the distance driving away. The EF tour guide had no way to contact Em and Em had no way to contact the tour guide but luckily I know the city and buses enough to get them back across the river to their hotel.

We walked for another 30 to 5 minutes to the Plaza de Armas bus stop to see when the next bus would be going to Tomares but unfortunately since it was 10pm the frequency was about one every hour and the next wouldn’t leave til 11.

As we were waiting a kid texted his mom at the hotel and eventually they got the EF tour guide on the phone. She said that the kids on the bus asked her to leave since they didn’t want to be late for dinner and she said for them to just take a cab, at their own expense. Em, was livid, laid into her and eventually the guide came to her senses and said they would be coming by taxi to pick them up.

Later on I got a FB message from Em saying that she talked to the kids on the bus who said they pleaded with the guide to wait. In the end no one was hurt too badly and those kids will have a better story to tell than the other kids who sat and watched an overpriced flamenco show.