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My friend and climbing buddy, Vanessa, went without me to the climbing gym a few days ago and met two guys who invited her to go climbing in the mountains. when she told me i regretted not going but she said she would ask…

We met Joselito, Carlos and Ismaeldown the street from our house, poorly parked up on a curb the first indication of how the day might go. We later did some loops around Alcala de Guadaira seemingly lost and finally got back on the road.

When we got to the parking area you couldn’t really see the climbing area  which was blocked by a nearby grove of trees and a hill. We strapped on our backpacks and headed up the  pine shaded incline which quickly gave way to  the sunshine as we climbed a pile of rocks that seemed to be purposefully placed there to help overcome the barbed wire fence beside a house with a barking dog. from there the other three guys decided to speed up the side of the mountain instead of taking  the trails that wind up the mountain slowly and safely which meant we were at risk of twisting our ankles and slipping on loose rocks and falling back down the slope which had to have been at a minimum, 30 degrees.IMG_0005 (640x427) IMG_0023 (427x640) IMG_0025 (640x427) IMG_0045 (427x640)

When we got to the top the guys immediately took out gear and got to climbing, with no stretching. Vanessa and I sort of chilled out and caught our breath and stretched and then got ready to climb a few short, easy routes.

After working on a few routes on that section we ate lunch and gathered our things and moved down a ways to a different sector where we met up with Jose and Sergio from Rock and Wall Climbing Sevilla. They were cool and let us climb on their rope since Vanessa and I don’t have our own.

Vanessa was determined to Lead a really long route and ended up hanging in the air for 20 minutes, abut 5 moves from the finish but eventually she got to the end. she said she was worried about leaving my gear in the wall and even thought about offering to buy me new gear if she couldn’t finish the climb. [If you don’t make it to the top, you have to sacrifice some gear in the process of getting down].

IMG_0149 (427x640)

Two decent but slightly sharp holds on top of a bulge creating a little bit of over hang and no feet. All upper body strength and a dynamic move to quickly shoot your hand up to the next hold. so fun and challenging.

IMG_0039 (640x427) IMG_0047 (522x640) IMG_0088 (640x427) IMG_0105 (640x427) IMG_0117 (640x427) IMG_0131 (640x427) IMG_0164 (427x640) IMG_0179 (427x640) IMG_0198 (640x427) IMG_0211 (427x640) IMG_0229 (640x427) IMG_0251 (640x427)


If you are interested in climbing this area you can find it listed in this guide which I found online.