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Korea is a tiny country with a huge garbage problem despite having implemented a mandatory recycling initiative. Garbage must be thrown away using authorized bags which can be purchased in convenience stores and some supermarkets. With such a large population and not much room for disposal of trash I find Korean’s affinity for excess packaging strange.

Several times a week I stop, bewildered at some package prepared like Russian nesting dolls or some unnecessary packaging. Bananas come sat on a styrofoam tray and wrapped in cellophane.bananas

You open a box of crackers to find a plastic tray wrapped in plastic, which contains individually packaged  single servings.  A while back I asked for soy sauce when I ordered  kimbap. This is what I received.Seoul Packaging

Beef jerky comes with a little plastic tray in the bag like this.

beef jerky

Can anyone explain this wastefulness and redundancy in packaging?