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Today I went back to Seoul Zoo at Seoul Grand Park for another attempt at finding a letterbox, whcih is like a Geocach or a type of scavenger/treasure hunt. Ji and I went two days ago but arrived too late to have much time to look. This time I got there a bit earlier and was prepared for the 7 Km hike that circles the zoo, passing through the foothills of ChonggYesan. It was a good thing I had my trekking poles and hiking shoes that are meant to get dirty because the trail was  muddy and slick.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

There were a few of these towers along the hiking path. I wonder if they are related to the military or to the equivalent of the Forest Service. I was sort of disappointed with the hike because it was still within earshot of cars and people making noise down in the zoo but after 20 more minutes or so you could no longer see the zoo or hear much of civilization.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

On http://www.atlasquest.com , the clue for the letterbox called “stone Man” said that I should look for the number, 531 near the hiking trail. I past the spot that matches with some other parts of the clue but could find no trace of the number or the box. I gave up in that spot and continued thinking that maybe the box was further down the trail. I had made so much progress that I  was way past the zone where I might find the box so I hiked down to the zoo and back up a second path knowing that I only had about one hour before the zoo was going to close.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Garbage along a beautiful hiking trail. Prevention is easy, just bring a bag and keep it until you reach the next trashcan.

As I got to the top again the zoo started playing music, signaling that it was time to go home, but I was  not willing to leave yet and continued looking around a while longer. On my way back down I started to feel rain and my was giving me trouble like it did on Seoraksan so I was moving slow. By the time I got to the zoo, there was no one around, only a lone worker on a golf cart.