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LB meetup

I discovered Letterboxing about a year and a half ago when a friend of mine kept rambling about finding rubber stamps hidden in little containers all over the globe. I had no idea it would be so fun. She gave me the materials to get started and we found my first box in my home town.

Shortly after getting hooked I moved back to Sevilla Spain and discovered that there were almost no letterboxes around. First of all, the tools and materials for making the rubber stamps were hard if not impossible to find. I brought my materials so I set out optimistically to create a community all on my own. I carved some boxes and hid them, listing my clues on http://www.Atlasquest.com so other people could log in and find the clues to locate the boxes. within one week the first box went missing, a month later a second went missing. As far as I know there is still one left, it isn’t east to get to as it requires a tiny bit of scaling a wall and it has very vague clues [if you’re in Sevilla and want to look for it… http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?boxId=233151

Now that I am living in Seoul, South Korea and have a similar, though slightly better letterboxing situation, in addition to my previous tactic for building a community of Letterboxers, I am trying a new one to create a community.

I just held my first meetup group to teach people how it works and get people involved in carving stamps. At the meetup attendees carved their signature stamp, and found a stamp hidden at the meetup and then we hid a box together as we were leaving.