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On my way home from Daejeon I got a notification on Fb to join a photo group calling for work. Every year the Seoul Photo and imaging Expo has a show displaying the latest gear and latest works by Korean Photographers and Artists. They also have a small section dedicated to foreigners in Korea. This year there was space for 90 images to be displayed. Each person was allowed to submit Two images for consideration.

The Photos had to be taken in Korea and had to somehow tie into the theme of, “Life in Korea”.  I narrowed down my choices to three. The first photo is one I wanted to submit but thought that maybe it portrayed Korea in too negative of a way so I threw that one out .  The other picture that I decided to include isn’t a favorite of mine but honestly I don’t feel that I have taken that many great pictures in Seoul and wasn’t sure what to include as my second submission.

Woman Purse Tires AC Unit

Daerim Station Arch

This is the photo that was selected by the organizers.

The Photos selected were printed by Epson at around 30cm x 20cm, the biggest I have ever seen any of my photos printed. They also framed our photos and made a really nice glossy book featuring all of the works at the expo. PNIEXPO Foreigner Show


Photo courtesy: Frank Stelzer

PNIExpoMy Photo

PNIbookMy Page

Photo Courtesy: Frank Stelzer

Though I didn’t really know or met any of the other participants it It was nice to see my photo hung on a wall and people looking at it. I haven’t had that experience since I was back in high school when I entered some painting contests.

The gear expo was hot and crowded with people hauling mammoth cameras around, taking pictures like mad. I did manage to pick up a new camera strap for half price and almost bought a new camera bag but when I realized they were not going to do any blow out sales I figured it wasn’t worth it.

I did get to play around with all of the cannon DSLRs and shoot with an 800mm lens, though i’m not sure why I would ever buy or even need one of those it was still crazy to see its capabilities. I have been wanting to upgrade to a full frame camera for a while after having used my friends 5D mark 2. The mark 3 is too expensive and the Mark 2 has been discontinued so hopefully in the next few months something shows up on my radar.