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I just wanted to mention that for all of the grungy buildings, lifeless towers, monotonous, chain shops, and areas devoid of nature there are a few spots that break free of all that or at least try to make it bearable with a few nice touches.

Ewah Women’s University has what might be my favorite piece of architecture in Seoul. What makes Dominique Perrault’s design so nice is that it isn’t calling for attention, instead it is humbly there just below the surface, peeking out from a gauge in the Earth.

The interior is spacious and anything but basement like, while up above, the architects’ design has  left room for an open green space that leads up to the more classical looking buildings.
Ewah University Underground BuildingEwah Area Sock Salesman
Another nice touch in this area is this narrow, tree-lined street which has several curves that act as speed controls. the feeling is so different from some of Seoul’s bigger highways that cut through neighborhoods.