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Incheon, South Korea is really close to Seoul and can be accessed via metro for only a dollar and some change. I had been wanting to go try finding the Incheon Bridge Overlook letterbox and now that the weather is warmer seemed like a good time.

The first thing, though was checking out Incheons China town. Everything was adorned in red and the streets lined with restaurants and stalls selling food and souvenirs which this time, for once were appropriately made in China. We grabbed some snacks and headed up hill.

Incheon  China Town Gate Stone Painted Head Incheon Zodiac Statues

At the top of Eungbon mountain is Jayu Park or  “Freedom” Park. It is a sort of Outdoor sculpture and mini history museum.

Incheon China Town Steps and Gate

Incheon Park Overlook Arch

That guy in the back, the statue, That’s General MacAthur. He planned the battle in Incheon that was a pivotal point in the war against the North Koreans.

Incheon harbor overview

At the top of the hill there is also a small aviary. inside there were various birds including some roosters and hens. One particular Rooster was convulsing and when he would try to get up it seemed as though his legs were paralyzed.  Ji and I looked to see if there was someone who managed the place but there wasn’t.

we went back to watching this poor rooster, trying to figure out what the problem was. A giant Egret walked over and must have tried to peck a bug off of him. The disabled rooster sprang up and ran about 20 feet before he sat back down in a new shade spot.

From Freedom Park we walked and walked and finally decided to take a bus. we were trying to get to Central Park, where I had read about one of Korea’s few letterboxes not planted by me.
Incheon Anchor Incheon Bottlecap Building

This place was covered in bottle caps.

Central park is in the area of Incheon’s business district. A few years ago Incheon was nothing but barren coast it looks like the buildings just shot up from the earth a few days ago. many are still new and shiny looking and landscaping still relies on supports to stand up against the wind.

The park is cut in two by a long channel that is full of sea water that gets recycled every 24 hours. This channel allows for swimming, canoeing, kayaking and there is even a tour boat that will take you a whole 1 km then turns around and goes back.
Incheon Down Canal Incheon Camping Incheon Canoing Family Incheon Central Park Canoing Incheon Boat

Following our Letterboxing clues, we were getting close. We walked out following the channel towards the coast of the Yellow Sea.  Shortly we had a view of the Incheon Bridge which connects Yeongjong Island, where Korea’s main international Airport is located, with the mainland.

The last thing we passed on our way out was a strange structure called the Tri-bowl, which acts as a sort of gallery and event space.

Tri-Bowl Cyclist Incheon Tribowl Towers Incheon Tribowl

There is a big observation deck and a neat structure built of shipping containers. If you plan to take photos of the bridge bring a long zoom lens and unless you want to shoot into the sun go in the early morning, not in the evening.

Incheon Container Lookout

I dug around, trying to find the letterbox but unfortunately this was another strikeout which is annoying but in the end the real purpose of letterboxing is to give reason for someone to explore the place you as a letterboxer have lead them to.