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Shinchon is stuck between Ewah Women’s University and Hongik University, which is known for its art school. Ewah has what I think might be one of Seoul’s best pieces of architecture, though you barely notice it since its buried in the ground. I suggest walking from Ewah to hongdae or the other way around.

Coal Basket

I expected to see more graffiti when I moved to Seoul, a metropolis with over 10 million people. I think the prevalence of CCTVs on the streets deters many people and perhaps it is something cultural. in any case there are a few places in Seoul where the norms are broken and you can see some urban art. I talked previously about Mullae, there is an area around Hongik University full of  graffiti and then there is Shinchon.

Truck Guard Dog Shinchon under RR Bridge

I had heard of Shinchon and seen a few pictures but none alluded to its actual location. A while back my Girlfriend and I were just out walking, exploring the urban terrain like we often do. Then, there it was, with no intention of finding it. I later came back here to plant a letterbox called  “Respirator“, to add my touch of “graffiti”.

Shinchon Graffiti Tunnel Guy

The tunnel allows pedestrians to access the two sides split by train tracks. There is also another bigger tunnel or overpass that allows cars to cross under also. At the bigger of the two I think you can find some better works. if you keep your eyes open you might spot some smaller works down alley ways and up above roof lines around Shinchon.

Shinchon Graffiti Tunnel Graffiti Girls Pointer

If you are into urban art you should also you could check out the Ttuksom station area. A few months back there was an international street art gathering called UrbanUp.