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A few weeks ago we strolled around the Samcheong-Dong area, hiking up steep stairs that reminded me of some hilly Greek walkways. At the top Ji said, was her favorite  view in the city. I don’t have the same feeling about the panorama of the neighborhood but will say that this part of the city has a really cool feeling plus it’s where the presidential residence, the Blue House is.

I don’t know how I only managed to take one photo of the area, I think I was mainly using my film camera so we will have to wait for that roll to be developed and scanned. Well, here is that one picture.

Looking Down 3 Cheong Ro 7 Gil Samcheong-Dong

The real reason though, for writing this was what we saw on our way home. We entered Gyeungbukgung Station and made our way down towards the platforms but first we crossed into a section of the tunnel that was blocked off by a glass wall with doors.

Inside there was cool A/C some benches and a ceiling with a bunker feeling to it. The walls were covered in hundreds of drawings and paintings done by kids from Seoul’s elementary and middle schools. I never picked up a theme and couldn’t read the information but even so it was really fun to detour for 20 minutes looking at each work.

Gyeongbukgung Subway Station Art Tunnel 2 Gyeongbukgung Subway Station Art Tunnel 3 Gyeongbukgung Subway Station Art Tunnel