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Behind the DeskI have been blogging for a while now, since the middle of 2011, but figure there are always some things to learn so I joined a free online course, Blogging 101. That means that over the next month I will be (trying to) post daily or every other day.

If you have been reading my blog already you may know that I was a high school Spanish teacher in the USA and left home to teach English in Spain for a year. That turned into 3 years, during which I was able to travel to almost 20 countries, got my first experiences hitchhiking, began rock climbing, bought a DSLR and learned how to use it (again, always learning new things and improving).



IMG_0329 (640x427)I really enjoy following protest photography. This was in Sevilla, Spain and I also went to the DNC and RNC to shoot the protests.

Currently I am living and teaching in Seoul,South Korea and as of today am two weeks shy of having lived here one year. During the past year I got back into drawing and painting (for a time), Upgraded my Digital camera and have gotten into 35mm and meduim format Photography, and I have been trying to start a letterboxing community. So far one Korean has joined me in my silly but fun and artsy game. I have also tried my hand at some DIY projects like manual wood working and reupholstry

Hwaseong from Above s


I have renewed my contract to teach in South Korea for one more year and then what? I have no idea? I am craving a touch of home, so maybe the USA for a bit.
I would love to get back into gardening and delve into this tiny house craze. I have been into architecture since I went to college and also am all about trying to live simply and reduce costs to free up time from working. If a major decision is made, it will be here.

If you have/have had or wish to have similar experiences and/or interests feel free to comment and connect. If you have questions about any of the above mentioned hobbies, especially photography or letterboxing, send me comment