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Ji and I had been eyeing Ilsan Lake Park since winter but had never found time to go. We finally made it at the end of June. I was really itching for a letterboxing fix even though it was a pretty warm day. We caught the metro out to Jeongbalsan Station, transferring along the way.FarmlandsI recently learned that Korea has experienced a sharp decline in Agricultural production as much of the arable land has been given over to high-rises and shopping malls to accommodate population growth.

The letterbox i was after is called “The Lost Cactus” and it’s clue was in the form of a two page short story. As you read along you have to retrace the footsteps of the main character, who has gone missing, to find the final hiding place of the box.

Letterboxing relies on the location and clues having not changed much; Korea is in a perpetual state of construction. immediately starting we couldn’t find the conservatory where the story started. after a few leaps we were able to get on the trail.

Tab Kid

The park if full of sculptures, fountains and trails but what I think makes it so nice is the variety. You can enjoy rose gardens, traditional Korean garden with a lotus pond, walk floating paths over lily ponds, walk through a lattice tunnel covered in pumpkins and gourds. There as an area where music is blasting, there is a scale model of a dutch windmill.

Lake Rock

We got to the final resting place of the letterbox or at least very near. I tried several variations of the last part of the clue but nothing I did revealed the hiding place of the box. I wish I had confirmation that i was in the correct place but the person who hid the box is non responsive. Chances are that the box is simply missing since it was planted almost 10 years ago.

Incheon Lake Park Pavilion