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FotoMaru in Seoul had already sent me the scanned images of my negatives from my first roll of film, some of which yous aw in the last post. When I went to drop off some film from a recent trip, which I will write about soon, I got my negatives back from that first roll of medium format film.

WOW! They are massive and so clear. I have had point and shoot cameras with screens that show images smaller than these negatives. I looked over each negative image closely inspecting just how much detail was possible in a frame. Even on such a large negative you cant see all the hidden details but its a world of difference compared with 35mm film.

They went into the photo book with the rest of my negatives when I got home. But when I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago because I woke up so late that same day, I took out the negatives again. This time I took out a few other things too; a flashlight and my cheap 50mm lens.

I messed around adjusting distances between the lens the negative the light and the wall and suddenly a 4 foot tall version of my image came into relatively clear focus. I knew Ji would be just as excited as I was and wanted to wake her so she could see but restrained myself.

The next night I set it up again to show her. As expected, she asked to put another negative and then another one and another. Finally we came to one negative; I shifted things slightly and the focus really got sharp and we just sat on the floor staring up at the image feeling like people must have when they saw the first moving images in theater.

Our walls are covered in wallpaper that has some reflective pattern so it gave a strange feeling to the projections. I was curious just how clear they were so I took out an over-sized sketchpad and held it against the wall and was pretty surprised; It seems that even 35mm film could be enlarged quite a bit without losing too much detail.

Projector setup

Man walking

Subway Ghosts

Street Sign Chaos

Out Focus Setup

Negative temple