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I went to university to be a teacher. I felt pretty well prepared to teach and for 7 years i have done a pretty good job by my own estimates. Then today happened.

When I started teaching in Korea I had this 3rd grader who was behind his peers in regards to emotional develpment. I didnt speak korean and his homeroom teacher was pretty useless in curbng his distructive and distracting behaviors.

I now have him in my 5th grade class and today he took it to a new level. While playing a game he lost it and  picked up a chair above his head, let out a primordial yell and attempted to fling the chair into the group of chldren. I was able to wrestle the chair from him but not before he picked up a book and tried to chuck that instead, I blocked the book but before I could get it out of his hand he flung a plastic pencil case that sailed across the room, exploding on impact with the wall, sending Pencils, erasers, markers and such.

This was NOT in our EPIK orientation training. In these cases Instinct is what usually takes over. I grabbed him and with resistance got him to the door. With a nudge of another brave student he crossed the threshhold. I locked the door with him on the other side but he ran to the front door of the classroom. Usually this one is locked but of course it wasn’t today. BUt again quick thinking kids ran over and locked that one before I could even get to it.

The agressive student began shoulder checking the hanging pocket door; each time the gap opened a little more. Finally I saw the students homeroom teacher and my co-teacher, who i guess must have exited the front door while i was muscling the kid out of the back door.

We only had 5 minutes until lunch and the kids would have to leave soon. I got them all settled down and we put all of the desks back in order. While the student was at outside of the back door still noticibly feisty I had the kids line up at the front door and taking note from hostage dramas told the kids to all exit quickly and quietly to the right, to avoiding another confrontation.

Sadly, the school is powerless, and all of the students including the agressor were all reunited minutes later to enjoy their fried fish rice and kimchi together.

How is it that one kid can be granted the power to destroy teh learning environment of the other 25-30? In my world there would be a special little class where that kid would spend his days until he learned to behave or they would have to be acompanied to class by a parent or an assistant trained in dealing with students of this nature.