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We went out to eat at Vato’s Urban Tacos. A Restaurant chain started by some Korean Americans who blended their culinary experiences from growing up korean in a Mexican influenced Los Angeles, CA. Their food was better than anticipated even after reading rave reviews. We got some Kimchi, Carnitas french fries and a burito to split.

After finishing our food we were ready to go out for a walk but I was unsure where or how to pay. Usually in korean restaurants you pay before hand, as you order, or you walk up to the register after eating and the worker just punches in your order and you pay. This place was to big and busy for me to consider that they could reasonably remember what we had eaten if we walked up to the register. I sort of looked around for a minute and then flagged down our waitress, who was from South Africa. I felt stupid but I asked “how do we pay?”. She said oh let me get your bill and you can take it over to the register to pay.

In some cases in Korea they will bring you a bill as you are eating but in two years i have NEVER had to ask for my bill. In this case I was thoroughly confused. The normal, obvious, “Western” approach of simply asking for the bill… right, how did I not think of that?