Eurotrip 2012

After 48 days of continuous travel it is finally the end of the line. I couch surfed for the first time in Kyoto, Japan, got a media pass to film inside of a Buddhist temple. I ate horse [and raw ground beef] and saw more men on a horse statues than I knew existed. I  celebrated my 26th birthday with a fire juggler in Warsaw, Poland. I reunited with old friends and made new ones. I made a painting and memories. I had a great time. Tomorrow I fly back to the United States for the first time in a few weeks shy of one year, closing the Segovia chapter.


Fireworks and Yodeling: Day 1

“Orgullo” The First Diversion: Day 2


Colossal Victory: Day 3

Rome and 3 French Girls Day 4

Yugen The Juggler, Rome to Florence  Day 5

Pisa, It Leans Quite A Bit Day 6

Horse Meat and Canals Day 7

Take cover: Triestre to Zagreb Day 8


River Mreznika and Chirapchichi. Day 9

Zagreb Walking tour with Bojana and Emka Day 10

Zagreb, Croatia to Vienna, Austria & A Phantom Station Day 11


Kunst Haus Wein’s Trippy design & Out Door Film Fest day 12

Polskibus Vienna to Warsaw: Irremovable Smiles Day 13


Warsaw Uprising & Ghostly Birthday Beginnings: Day 14

Raw Meat Fire By The River: Day 15

Bohemian Life: Day 16

Warsaw Meditation Session: Day 17

Necessity Breeds Romanticism: Day 18

Warsaw to Berlin: Day 19


Crossing Invisible Borders: Day 20

The Popes Revenge & Pergamon Museum: Day 21


Barcelona Friend’s Home In Groningen: Day 22

World’s Fastest Music On Speed Groningen to Sittard: Day 23


Prepatriation: Day 24

Heisenburg to Amsterdam: Day 25


Van Gogh Why Amsterdam?: Day 26

Eurolines Amsterdam to Paris Day 27


Musee d’Orsay & Paris Walking Tour: Day 28

Elly & The Louvre: Day 29

Mulin Rouge & Montmartre: Day 30

Topless Tuna Sandwiches 3 Days On Frances South Coast: Day 31, 32 & 33


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