South Korea

Departure, Arrival and First Thought

Korean Wave Goodbye

Epik Orientation

One Month Update


Stuck in Seoul Zoo After Hours

Photo and Imaging Expo 2015

Hippy Christmas: Couch Find

Kblogers and Photogers: Namhansanseong Tour

Learning through Tinkering: Pulling Nails

Running a Meetup Group: Drink and Draw

Seoul Spots: Shinchon Graffiti Tunnel

K-Bloggers Tour: Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon

Lost on Gwanaksan: A Letterbox Mishap 

 The Provinces

Gunsan and Buan to See Grandma

Incheon: Jayu Park and Letterboxing

Seoraksan Dechongbong

IFSC World Cup of Rock Climbing: Mokpo, South Korea

Daejeon: City of Scienc

Escaping Seoul: Taean

I Dont Get It, Korea

Music in Seoul’s Parks

Scooters In Seoul

Vacation Time

Packaging, Waste and Garbage

MERS: Korea’s Got It

It’s The Little Things

It’s the Little Things: Gyeongbukgung Station Childrens Art Exhibition


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